Hydrology, Drainage, and Erosion Control
In today's society being environmentally friendly is crucial to all construction projects of any size.  Ruzicka Associates is constantly contacting various manufacturers to obtain as many ideas as possible to facilitate a site to have proper drainage, be eco-friendly, and in some instances be LEAD certified.  We often work with counties and Agencies to prepare Hydrology Reports that can be for an area as small as a 1/4 of an acre and be as large as hundreds of Acres.  Ruzicka Associates can help in a few of the following ways:
  • Calculate Total Surface Runoff
  • Prepare a Hydrology Report
  • Provide Drainage Plans
  • Design Detention Systems
  • Design Bioswales  
    • Prepare Erosion Control Plans
    • Prepare SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan)
    • Prepare Specifications
    • Work to obtain LEAD certification for the project.
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