5237 - Walnut Cove Storage Facility, Kelseyville

Project elements included a boundary and topographic survey, planning, permitting, and design of grading, drainage, retaining walls, base rock, paving and buildings for a 212-space boat and mini storage facility on a moderately steep site. 

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5667 - Sutter Lakeside Wellness Foundation Campus, Lakeport

For Sutter Health we performed a boundary and topographic survey of a 40-acre site for a 126,000 S.F. medical office and medical-related space in three buildings with 600 parking spaces for this $40 million project.  We performed planning, permitting and design of grading, entrance road, drainage, street and parking lot paving, walking trails, and two large storm water detention systems beneath the parking lots. 

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5667.02 - Road Improvements - Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Lakeport

This project consisted of improving the traffic circulation within the Sutter Lakeside Hospital site by designing a roundabout at an oddly configured five-way intersection and providing engineering services during construction.  The roundabout allows for smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic through the facility. 

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5722.01 - Robin Hill Landing Subdivision, Lakeport

Performed topographic mapping and boundary surveys on a 40-acre site for a 137-lot residential development for a homebuilder.  Work included planning, permitting, and design of subdivision site improvements including lot grading.  Project included the development of an additional water supply and water treatment to supplement facilities for the Water District that serves the project.

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6132 - Pamela Ivicevich Residential Home, Lakeport

An example of plans and specifications prepared for a custom three-story single- family residence. 

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6593 - Loconomi Road Improvements and Culvert Crossings, Middletown

A new private access road crosses a major drainage channel, which required a hydrology study to determine the 100-year flood event flow.  Hydraulic design was performed to determine the size and number of culverts required to carry the 100-year storm flow.  Project also included the grading design for the access road. 

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6815.03 - Storm Damage Repair to Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg

High storm water-flows in the Noyo River deposited excessive silt in the Noyo Harbor near the entrance to the Pacific Ocean.  The marina will be dredged to remove this silt in the Summer of 2009.  The silt will be stockpiled in a temporary disposal area along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  The dredged spoils will then be trucked to an abandoned rock quarry pit known as the Camp 5 Rock Pit for final disposal.  After the quarry pit has received the dredged spoils from the Noyo Harbor, the site shall have drainage installed, graded to be stable, seeded, and provided with erosion control measures as shown on these plans. 

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6849 - Sutter Lakeside Medical Office, Middletown

Sutter Lakeside Hospital is expanding its health care coverage in Lake County by constructing a new medical clinic in Middletown to serve the South County area.  We performed planning, permitting, and final design of the site improvements.  We worked closely with Sutter Health and the architectural firm of Glass Architects. 

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6920 - Storm Damage Repair - Soldier Pile Wall, Nice

The storm of 2006 created many landslides and road failures in the rugged terrain of Northern California.  We designed the repair of Bartlett Springs Road at two locations which were damaged due to slides.  The designed repair is to remove the slide material and stabilize the slope with a soldier pile wall consisting of drilled-and-cast-in-place H-Piles that were restrained with tie back rods.  Metal corrugated cribbing was placed between the H-Piles to retain the roadway. 

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