Ruzicka Associates has a broad technical experience base in public works, residential work, commercial design, industrial facilities, and recreational and specialty areas. We approach each assignment with the goal of insuring that our clients receive a practical and cost-effective design for the project. We have matured as a civil engineering firm since our founding in 1967 here in Northern California. We are a knowledgeable firm that  possess highly varied experience and objectivity and we suggest approaches and solutions that are unique. Ruzicka Associates is responsive to our clients' needs and schedules.  Below are a few of the Civil Engineering services that we commonly offer to our clients.
  • Site Planning & Design
  • Road & Transportation Design
  • Earthwork & Grading
  • Hydrology, Drainage, & Erosion Control
  • Water and Waste Water System
  • If you would like to see some samples of some of these projects please visit the Engineering Projects link


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